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Care of the tree Acacia tortilis or Umbrella Thorn acacia.

Care of the tree Acacia tortilis or Umbrella Thorn acacia

The Acacia genus, of the Fabaceae family, includes some 1,200 species of shrubs and trees native to Australia, Africa, Asia and South America. Some species of the genus are: Acacia tortilis, Acacia hebecladaAcacia truncata, Acacia tetragonophylla, Acacia saligna, Acacia paradoxa, Acacia melanoxylon, Acacia luederitzii, Acacia longifolia, Acacia karoo, Acacia iteaphylla, Acacia greggii, Acacia dodonaeifolia, Acacia dealbata, Acacia cultriformis.

Common names: Umbrella Thorn acacia, Israeli babool. This species is native to Africa.

They are slow-growing deciduous trees with an umbrella-shaped crown that can reach 15 meters (49.21 feet) in height. They have long, whitish thorns on the branches. The bipinnate alternate leaves have light green or greyish green leaflets. The small flowers, yellow or cream in color, appear in globose flower heads. They bloom in summer and sometimes also in winter.

They are used as shade trees in medium and large gardens and as bonsai. They are the typical trees of the African savannah.

The Acacia tortilis needs full sun exposure and a warm, dry climate. They resist light and occasional frosts.

They grow in any type of soil that has good drainage.

They are very drought resistant plants that need moderate watering waiting for the substrate to be completely dry.

They do not need fertilizer or pruning.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring or fall in the seedbed.

Images of the tree Acacia tortilis or Umbrella Thorn acacia

Acacia tortilis