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Care of the shrub Cordyline stricta or Slender Palm Lily.

Care of the shrub Cordyline stricta or Slender Palm Lily

The genus Cordyline, family Asparagaceae, includes about 12 species of evergreen trees and shrubs native to Australia, India, New Zealand, and Polynesia. Some species are: Cordyline stricta, Cordyline fruticosa, Cordyline dracaenoides, Cordyline australis, Cordyline indivisa.

Common names: Slender Palm Lily, Narrow-leaved Palm Lily. This species is native to Australia.

They are branched shrubs that reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height (3 meters/9.84 feet in a pot). The long, narrow pendulous leaves are up to 50 cm (1.64 feet) in length and can be deep green or purplish-green in colour. The small, light purple flowers appear in panicles up to 40 cm in length. They bloom in summer; if it is grown in a pot it does not usually flower. The fruits are black berries.

Slender Palm Lily is used as isolated specimens or in small bushy groups in frost-free gardens and in pots as indoor, greenhouse and patio and terrace plants.

Cordyline stricta grows in full sun, semi-shade and shade exposures. It does not resist frost.

The soil can be normal garden soil with plenty of organic matter. If it is grown in a pot, use a commercial substrate for indoor plants.

Narrow-leaved Palm Lily prefers regular watering so that the substrate is always slightly moist but once established they resist drought well.

Fertilize with organic matter in autumn and with mineral fertilizer for indoor plants in spring.

Wilted inflorescences can be pruned. Cordyline stricta can also be lightly pruned in the fall to control growth.

Slender Palm Lily is a plant resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

Cordyline stricta is easily propagated by cuttings and from spring sown seed.

Images of the shrub Cordyline stricta or Slender Palm Lily

Cordyline stricta
Cordyline stricta
Cordyline stricta
Cordyline stricta