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Care of the plant Crossandra infundibuliformis or Firecracker flower.

Care of the indoor plant Crossandra infundibuliformis or Firecracker flower

The genus Crossandra, family Acanthaceae, includes 50 species of shrubs and subshrubs native to India, Arabia, and Africa. Some species are: Crossandra infundibuliformis, Crossandra pungens, Crossandra nilotica, Crossandra albolineata.

Common name: Firecracker flower. This species is native to southern India and Sri Lanka.

They are small evergreen shrubs that reach 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) in height. The leaves are dark green, opposite and ovate or lanceolate in shape. The showy funnel-shaped (red or orange) flowers appear on peduncles with long bracts. They bloom from spring to fall.

Firecracker flower is used as a houseplant or greenhouse.

Crossandra infundibuliformis needs a semi-shaded exposure in summer and more illuminated (without direct sun) in winter. It does not resist temperatures below 15 ºC (59 ºF) or drought.

Water abundantly throughout the year so that the soil never dries out completely (never flood). The humidity must be medium-high: in summer, spray the leaves with lime-free water periodically (do not wet the leaves); place a plate with wet stones under the pot.

The soil can be a light substrate rich in humus with a large proportion of peat. Transplant in spring if necessary.

Fertilize weekly with mineral fertilizer for indoor plants from late winter to mid-summer.

The greatest danger for Crossandra infundibuliformis is the lack of humidity, which causes the leaves to curl, the flowers to fall and be attacked by mites.

Prune young specimens to favor branching.

Firecracker flower propagates by seeds sown in spring in the nursery.

Images of the indoor plant Crossandra infundibuliformis or Firecracker flower

Crossandra infundibuliforme
Crossandra infundibuliforme
Crossandra infundibuliforme