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Care of the plant Columnea or Flying goldfish plant.

Care of the indoor plant Columnea or Flying goldfish plant

The genus Columnea, family Gesneriaceae, includes 150 species of epiphytic shrubs native to the jungles of Central America. Some species are: Columnea microphylla, Columnea hirta, Columnea kewensis, Columnea gloriosa, Columnea schiediana, Columnea aurantica; there are many varieties and hybrids.

Common name: Flying goldfish plant. This species is native to tropical America.

They are epiphytic plants with a hanging, climbing (Columnea hirsuta) or creeping bearing. They have long stems with opposite evergreen leaves and oval or rounded in shape. The showy flowers (red, orange or purple) appear in the axils of the leaves and are tubular in shape. They can bloom in autumn and also in winter.

They are used as houseplants in hanging, large, flat pots.

The Columnea needs a very bright exposure but without receiving direct sunlight. The temperature should not be less than 10 ºC (50 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of loamy earth with peat. The transplant is done after flowering.

Water frequently with lukewarm water without lime. In winter water with a glass of water twice a week. It's very important that the humidity is high: place a plate with damp stones under the pot.

Fertilize in summer and autumn with mineral fertilizer every 30 days.

Prune dry branches after flowering.

They are quite resistant plants to pests and diseases but can be attacked by aphids. They can lose leaves if they get drafts.

They propagate by cuttings from the tip of the stem after flowering, rooted in sand and covered with glass or plastic.

Images of the indoor plant Columnea or Flying goldfish plant

Columnea hirta
Columnea hirta