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Care of the plant Colchicum autumnale or Autumn crocus.

Care of the bulbous plant Colchicum autumnale or Autumn crocus

The genus Colchicum, family Colchicaceae, includes 60 species of bulbous plants native to Asia, the Mediterranean region and Europe. Some species are: Colchicum autumnale, Colchicum byzantinum, Colchicum luteum, Colchicum speciosum, Colchicum bivonae, Colchicum cilicicum, Colchicum agrippinum.

Common names: Autumn crocus, Meadow saffron, Naked lady. This species is native to Great Britain and Ireland.

They are small bulbous plants that reach 25 cm (9.84") in height. The bulbs are round or pear-shaped. The leaves appear after flowering and are lustrous green ribbons. They bloom in fall with 3 purple or pink star-shaped flowers.

Autumn crocus is used as a potted houseplant, as a cut flower, or to create patches of color in lawns.

Colchicum autumnale needs a flat sun or semi-shade exposure. It's an ideal plant for mild and temperate climates.

Meadow saffron can be grown in any type of well-drained soil. The planting of the bulbs is done in summer.

During flowering water so that the substrate is always moist; when the leaves appear, moderate watering (wait for the substrate to dry) and stop watering when the leaves turn yellow; then remove the dead leaves and keep the bulb dry.

Naked lady does not need fertilizers.

Colchicum autumnale is a plant quite resistant to pests and diseases.

Autumn crocus propagates by seeds but it is easier by separating the bulbs in winter.

Images of the bulbous plant Colchicum autumnale or Autumn crocus

Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum byzantinum