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Care of the plant Clivia miniata or Bush lily.

Care of the plant Clivia miniata or Bush lily

The genus Clivia, family Amaryllidaceae, includes 6 species of herbaceous plants native to southern Africa. Some species and hybrids are: Clivia miniata, Clivia robusta, Clivia nobilis, Clivia x cyrtanthiflora.

Common names: Natal lily, Bush lily, Kaffir lily, Forest lily, Thong lily, Boslelie. This species is native to South Africa.

They are perennial herbaceous plants with long, flat, thick and dark green leaves; the leaves are arranged opposite to both sides of the stem surrounding the fleshy root. The orange-red flowers appear at the end of the flower stalk. They bloom from early spring to mid-summer.

The soil can be made up of a part of leaf mulch, part of heather soil, and part of peat.

Clivia miniata grows best in semi-shade exposure. They are very resistant plants and easy to grow.

Water frequently in summer and spring. From autumn, space the waterings until flowering begins again in spring.

Fertilize every 15 days in spring and summer with mineral fertilizer.

The ideal average temperature in summer is 21 ºC (69.8 ºF); the ideal winter average temperature, at rest, is 7-10 ºC (44-50 ºF).

They can be attacked by mealybugs if they suffer drought; remove them by hand with a cotton swab soaked in methyl alcohol.

Wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth or sponge with warm water. Never use polishes.

They propagate from lateral shoots that have 4-5 leaves.

Images of the plant Clivia miniata or Bush lily

Clivia miniata
Clivia miniata
Clivia miniata
Clivia miniata