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Care of the plant Choisya ternata or Mexican orange.

Care of the shrub Choisya ternata or Mexican orange

The genus Choisya, Rutaceae family, includes 10 species of shrubs native to northern Mexico and southern USA. Some species are: Choisya ternata, Choisya arizonica, Choisya dewitteana, Choisya dumosa, Choisya grandiflora.

Common names: Mexican orange blossom, Mexican orange. This species is native to Mexico.

These bushes reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. They have opposite, trifoliate leaves. The white flowers are scented and appear in terminal groups. They bloom in spring and sometimes also in fall.

Mexican orange blossom is a very interesting shrub for its aromatic flowers for small gardens or in large pots for terraces.

Choisya ternata needs full sun exposure or light shade if summers are very hot. It is important to protect them from the north winds.

The soil can be a garden substrate with a little clay and coarse sand to drain well. Planting is done in spring.

Water moderately every 3 days and never water as the foliage turns yellowish.

Fertilize with manure in the fall. Fertilize 3 times with mineral fertilizer: in autumn, in early spring and in mid-summer.

Prune every 3-4 years to maintain a compact bearing and strengthen the plant.

Mexican orange can be attacked by whiteflies and, if there is excess watering, by fungi.

Choisya ternata propagates by cuttings after the flowering season.

Images of the shrub Choisya ternata or Mexican orange

Choisya ternata
Choisya ternata