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Care of the plant Aristolochia or Dutchman's pipe.

Care of the climbing plant Aristolochia or Dutchman's pipe

The genus Aristolochia, family Aristolochiaceae, comprises more than 500 species of climbing plants native to tropical and temperate regions throughout the planet. Some species are: Aristolochia gigantea, Aristolochia elegans, Aristolochia odoratissima, Aristolochia altissima, Aristolochia grandiflora, Aristolochia durior, Aristolochia sipho.

Common names: Dutchman's pipe, Pipevine, Birthwort.

They are climbing shrubs that reach several meters in length. The leaves can be oval, heart-shaped or rounded. The curious flowers have a tubular heart shape and are brown, yellowish or reddish in color. They bloom in late spring and early summer.

They are used to cover pergolas or walls, but they need climbing supports. It is important that young children do not suck on these plants as they are poisonous.

Outdoor species are more resistant and can be located in half shade exposure; They do not withstand frost. Indoor species need indirect light, a temperature between 10-25 ºC (50-77 ºF) and moderate watering.

As soil you can use a garden substrate. They can be transplanted in spring or autumn.

Summer water frequently so that the soil is always wet. The rest of the year keep this humidity but without puddling.

Prune lightly at the end of flowering.

Fertilize once a month in spring and summer with mineral fertilizer.

They can be attacked by aphids or by mites. Sometimes a virus that causes yellow spots on the leaves can affect you, but there are products to combat it.

They propagate in spring by seeds or in summer by cuttings.

Images of the climbing plant Aristolochia or Dutchman's pipe

Aristolochia elegans
Aristolochia elegans
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia gigantea
Aristolochia grandiflora
Aristolochia grandiflora
Aristolochia grandiflora