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Care of the plant Agonis flexuosa or Western Australian peppermint.

Care of the tree Agonis flexuosa or Western Australian peppermint

The genus Agonis, of the Myrtaceae family, comprises 4 species of shrubs and small trees native to Australia. These species are: Agonis flexuosa, Agonis theiformis, Agonis undulata, Agonis baxteri.

Common names: Willow myrtle, Western Australian peppermint, Swan River peppermint. This species is native to Western Australia.

They are evergreen trees with a wide crown and elegant bearing with hanging branches that reach between 10 and 15 meters (33-50 feet) in height. They have long leathery dark green leaves with pointed ends that give off a pleasant mint smell if crushed. The white flowers, quite perfumed, appear in groups in the axils of the leaves. They bloom in spring and summer.

These fast-growing plants are used to form windbreaks, as isolated specimens, in public parks and gardens, and even in pots. They are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens and for fixing slopes.

Agonis flexuosa can be grown in direct sunlight, semi-shade and shade exposures. Although adult plants can tolerate light frosts, it is better not to expose them to less than 5 ºC (41 ºF).

Willow myrtle grows in any type of soil, whether it is poor, acid, limestone, sandy, clayey or drained.

They resist drought well; it is recommended to wait until the soil has dried before watering.

Fertilize with slow release mineral fertilizer in early spring.

Young specimens are usually pruned in late winter to shape them. Once they are well established, they are usually not pruned.

Agonis flexuosa is a tree resistant to typical pests and diseases.

Western Australian peppermint propagates by semi-mature cuttings during the summer or from seeds sown in spring; It must be taken into account that the seeds develop their germination capacity by remaining one year in the plant.

Images of the tree Agonis flexuosa or Western Australian peppermint

Agonis flexuosa
Agonis flexuosa