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Care of the plant Aechmea fendleri or Aechmea porteoides.

Care of the plant Aechmea fendleri or Aechmea porteoides

The genus Aechmea belongs to the Bromeliaceae family and is made up of more than 250 species of bromeliads distributed throughout South America, Mexico and Central America. Some species are: Aechmea fendleri, Aechmea fasciata, Aechmea distichantha, Aechmea recurvata, Aechmea weilbachii, Aechmea caudata.

Scientific synonym: Aechmea porteoides. This species is native to Venezuela.

They are tropical bromeliads that reach 60 cm (1.96 feet) in height and diameter. The leaves are arranged in a rosette and are broad, ribbed and lime green or bright green. The showy inflorescences last a long time and are filled with blue and purple flowers on a long, deep red stem.

Its main use is as an indoor or greenhouse plant because they are tropical plants that do not resist cold.

The Aechmea fendleri will need an illuminated exposure but without direct sun; tolerates direct sun in the early morning. In winter the temperature should not be less than 15 ºC (59 ºF).

The soil has to be well drained for which a mixture of 25% sphagnum, 25% coarse sand, 25% blond peat and another 25% well decomposed leaf mulch can be used.

They will be regularly watered with lime-free water directly on the leaf rosette; it's advisable to wait until the center of the rosette is almost dry before watering. The ambient humidity should be high or medium.

Fertilize every 3 weeks in spring and summer with a mineral fertilizer for houseplants.

Pruning is not necessary.

They are quite resistant to pests and diseases but can be attacked by aphids and mites if the environment is very dry.

It's easy to propagate them by separating the shoots that the mother plant can produce at its base.

Images of the plant Aechmea fendleri or Aechmea porteoides

Aechmea fendleri
Aechmea fendleri
Aechmea fendleri
Aechmea fendleri