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Cuidados de la planta Tillandsia imperialis o Tecolote.

Care of the plant Tillandsia imperialis or Air plant

The genus Tillandsia, family Bromeliaceae, comprises 600 species of epiphytic plants native to the American continent. Some species are: Tillandsia imperialis, Tillandsia fasciculataTillandsia cyanea, Tillandsia aeranthos, Tillandsia usneoides, Tillandsia australis, Tillandsia dyeriana, Tillandsia geminiflora.

Common name: Air plant. This species is native to Mexico and Central America.

They are epiphytic bromeliads that reach 50 cm (19.68") in height when they flower. The lanceolate leaves are arranged in a rosette and are green and purple. They produce showy erect inflorescences with red bracts and purple flowers. They bloom in the fall.

They are used as indoor and greenhouse plants with good ventilation. Frost-free regions are used on patios and terraces or hung on walls and trees.

Tillandsia imperialis grows in filtered light and partial shade exposures receiving direct sun in the early hours of the day. The safety temperature is 8 ºC (46.4 ºF).

The soil (if grown in a pot) can be a commercial substrate for bromeliads. They can grow in cracks or hang from a tree attached to a piece of moss.

In spring and summer, irrigate by sprinkling with lime-free water every 2 days (daily in summer). Reduce watering from autumn. They resist drought and heat well.

Fertilize once a month with foliar fertilizer in spring and summer.

Prune dry leaves at any time.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated from spring sown seeds but it is not an easy process.

Images of the plant Tillandsia imperialis or Air plant

Tillandsia imperialis
Tillandsia imperialis