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Care of the plant Guzmania lingulata or Scarlet star.

Care of the indoor plant Guzmania lingulata or Scarlet star

The genus Guzmania, family Bromeliaceae, includes more than 200 species of epiphytic bromeliads native to Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Some species are: Guzmania lingulata, Guzmania monostachia, Guzmania sanguinea, Guzmania eduardii, Guzmania wittmackii, Guzmania bismarckii.

Common names: Scarlet star, Droophead tufted airplant, Tongue-shaped guzmania, Vase Plant, Orange Star. This species is native to Central and South America.

They are epiphytic bromeliads that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height (60 cm/23.62" when in bloom) and 60 cm in diameter. The arched leaves are arranged in a rosette and are tapered and deep green in color. Flowers are small and yellow but are surrounded by showy bracts of red, yellow, pink, etc. They bloom in summer. The mother plant dies after flowering.

Scarlet star is used as indoor and greenhouse plants. In regions with a tropical climate it's used in undergrowths, low walls and trees.

Guzmania lingulata needs shade exposure and temperatures above 16 ºC (60.8 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of 2/3 peat and 1/3 coarse sand; excellent drainage is important.

Always water the rosette with lime-free water, but without wetting the substrate too much. It is important that the humidity is high: spray the leaves every day with lime-free water in spring and summer (twice a week in autumn and winter) and place a plate with damp pebbles under the pot.

Fertilize once a month in spring and summer with mineral fertilizer for indoor plants at half the usual dose.

Prune the flower stalk after flowering to favor the production of basal suckers.

Guzmania lingulata can be attacked by aphids if they suffers from drought or the humidity is low. The accumulation of water on the roots can cause the leaves to rot.

Tongue-shaped guzmania is propagated by separating basal suckers planted in pots with peat and coarse sand located in the shade.

Images of the indoor plant Guzmania lingulata or Scarlet star

Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania lingulata
Guzmania spp
Guzmania spp
Guzmania conifera