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Care of the plant Calystegia sepium or Bindweed.

Care of the climbing plant Calystegia sepium or Bindweed

The genus Calystegia, family Convolvulaceae, includes 25 species of climbing herbaceous plants native to California, Europe, and the Pacific. Some species are: Calystegia silvatica, Calystegia sepium, Calystegia japonica, Calystegia occidentalis, Calystegia purpurata.

Common names: Morning glory, False bindweed, Bindweed.

They are fast-growing herbaceous plants with thin, angular stems. The leaves are elongated heart-shaped and deciduous. The attractive flowers are large, white or pink in color, funnel-shaped, and solitary. They bloom during spring and summer.

They are used to cover walls and fences or also in pots for terraces. They are easy to grow plants that can become invasive.

Calystegia needs a sunny exposure but avoiding the midday sun. It can resist cold but not frost.

The soil has to be well drained and contain organic matter.

Water abundantly before the first flowering and afterwards enough so that the soil is moist (never water).

Prune in late winter to control growth.

They can be attacked by some insects.

They propagate by division of the rhizome in autumn or spring and by seeds sown in spring.

Images of the climbing plant Calystegia sepium or Bindweed

Calystegia sepium
Calystegia sepium
Calystegia sepium